Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier

The Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier is proud to partner with the NYS Apprenticeship Program. Our mission is to be the go-to resource for the manufacturing industry in our region, and to also be responsible for organizing and monitoring registered apprenticeships. We are a strong advocate for workforce development, proper worker compensation, related technical instruction, on-the-job training and more.

We believe the Southern Tier, composed of Allegany, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties, holds a lot of economic opportunities for both employers and apprentices. The region boasts over 450 manufacturers, as manufacturing accounts for nearly 20% of the local economy.

About Us

The Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier (MAST) is a pro-active leader, committed to enhancing the economic strength of the region, by acting as a primary resource for information and assistance to promote manufacturing excellence. MAST is committed to assuring the best possible business environment for manufacturing to prosper.

We drive change by communicating and coordinating with the local, state and federal government, and agencies in response to our membership needs. We work with government and various organizations to define and address the economic development needs of the manufacturing community with an emphasis on efficiencies and cost reduction efforts helping the retention of existing and the creation of new businesses.

What To Expect

Why participate in the registered apprenticeship program? Here are some benefits your business and the local economy can see:

- Building a better business environment through advocacy and action.

- Developing a strong workforce through the promotion of manufacturing careers, the enhancement of STEM education and further development of post-secondary educational opportunities.

- Helping manufacturers benchmark their company through specialized member surveys.

- Bringing manufacturers information that addresses their concerns.


The Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier has a long, distinguished and unique history. Founded in 1900, the association was one of the first organizations of its kind and became a model for other associations throughout the United States.

The Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier is proud of the long tradition and commitment to industrial excellence that our community represents. Manufacturing has been and still remains the backbone of our community and has played an integral role in building the foundation of the Jamestown area, our county and our region. Moreover, wealth and opportunity has been provided to many families in our community through manufacturing.

Interested in an apprenticeship in the Southern Tier? Need more information? Contact us!

Todd Tranum

Executive Director


Tim Piazza

Outreach Coordinator