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For over 100 years, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce has spoken to the needs of the Brooklyn business community. Founded in 1918, the Brooklyn Chamber proudly serves as a protector and promoter of the commercial and industrial interests of the borough


About Us

The Brooklyn Chamber is a nonprofit membership organization that has developed and nurtured an active civic spirit and sought to safeguard and improve living conditions and social welfare for local businesses and residents. The organization has a vibrant history that encapsulates the diverse, innovative, and ever-evolving Brooklyn business community.

As Brooklyn continues to evolve, the Brooklyn Chamber consistently works to offer top-quality services and new opportunities for its members. It advances the borough through outstanding promotion, support, and advocacy as Brooklyn’s leading economic development organization.



Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce advocates for the economic development of the Brooklyn business community by liaising with city, state, and federal levels of government. There is an active commitment on outreach to traditionally underserved communities to provide resources and support growth.

Through its various committees and working groups, the Brooklyn Chamber conducts strategic outreach to community stakeholders, including neighborhood-based organizations, local businesses, nonprofits, economic development organizations, and cultural organizations to establish partnerships. 



If your business is located in Brooklyn, or you do business in Brooklyn, we encourage you to become a member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

Questions? Get in touch with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce team.