For Apprentices

Earn while you learn by starting a Registered Apprenticeship.

What's Registered Apprenticeship?

  • A formal training relationship governed by the New York Department of Labor (NYSDOL) standards between an employer and employee that leads to a professional, skilled worker. If it’s not registered, it’s just training.
  • Combines hands-on work experience and classroom instruction.
  • Follows an “earn while you learn” training model, which provides a unique combination of structured learning and on-the-job training from an assigned mentor.
  • Earns the employee a nationally recognized credential, a Journey Worker certification.

Why Registered Apprenticeship?

  • Studies have shown that Registered Apprentices are more qualified and job-ready than fellow job seekers. 
  • Registered Apprentices can choose a field or industry that they are genuinely interested in, which leads to higher job satisfaction.
  • Completing a Registered Apprenticeship puts you on the right path to future success.
  • Not only does a Registered Apprenticeship give you the opportunity to learn and experience your chosen career, but it also makes you more employable to future companies.

Training and Education

  • As a Registered Apprentice, you’ll receive all the necessary training and education you need to succeed.
  • We partner with technical schools, community colleges, training institutions, and other education providers to ensure you’re ready to join the manufacturing workforce.
  • Through government and education grants, this education and training comes at an extremely low cost. 
  • Due to the low-cost of this schooling, most apprentices’ graduate debt-free.

How does a Registered Apprenticeship Compare to a Typical 4-Year College Degree?

$ 0
Annual cost per academic year of college
$ 0
Total cost of 4-year College Degree
$ 0
Total cost of 4-year Apprenticeship program with 8,000 hours of hands-on training
$ 1
Average wage of a skilled worker in NYS annually

Discover your future in Registered Apprenticeship.

Start your journey on a pathway where you’ll receive paid on-the-job training that leads you directly into a career.