5 Steps: Vocational Training Apprenticeship After High School

Step 1: The Connection

Apprenticeships in Vocational Training and High-Wage Careers

Vocational training apprenticeships prepare newly graduated high school students with practical skills and knowledge of professions that require highly specialized expertise. These professions often lead to a high-wage career, despite the vocational training programs being free of charge to the apprentice. 

The programs offer hands-on, real-world work scenarios with specific tools, techniques, and equipment operation. The training closely aligns with the needs of manufacturers to help them develop a skilled workforce. An educational alternative to college after high school, apprenticeships are shorter in duration and lead to employment opportunities in a faster timeframe. Most vocational training and apprenticeship programs are flexible and offer further opportunities for continuous learning and upskilling beyond enrollment in the original program.  

A vocational training apprenticeship is a ‘learn while you earn’ approach, offering apprentices the unique advantage of receiving a consistent paycheck while simultaneously acquiring a hands-on, technical education. Not only is the apprentice financially stable during the program, but also developing a highly precise skill set, paving the way for a prosperous, high-wage career in their chosen field.  Furthermore, an apprentice’s wage progressively rises with their expanding skill set as they advance through the program.  

Vocational training apprenticeships lead to high-wage careers and better financial security, independence, and quality of life. Being financially secure allows you to save and invest, properly support a family, and live with reduced stress. High-wage careers typically offer the opportunity for further advancement and professional development. Balancing financial goals ensures a bright future and long-term well-being. 


Step 2: The Selection

Finding the Right Vocational Training Apprenticeship Program

Finding the right opportunity for career development through an apprenticeship in vocational training starts with research and informed decision-making. A program that provides a valuable learning experience while aligning with your aspirations is critical.


Tips For Researching Apprenticeship Programs

The Manufacturers Alliance Program has an online resource to help you gather facts on apprenticeship programs and their availability.  Start with determining your interests and what industry opportunity appeals to you.  

What activities do you enjoy in your free time, or would you like to learn more about? 

Do you enjoy problem-solving?
Are you good at math?
Do you like working with your hands?
Do you prefer to work in a team or alone?
Do you enjoy innovation and robotics? 

Visit our trades page for a description of the most popular types of trades that offer apprenticeships, and determine which may align with the answers to the questions asked above. 

Reach out to a member of our team to speak about apprenticeship opportunities and criteria that fit your interests and schedule.  

Once you’ve gathered information, compare programs and ask questions to determine details about program structure, placement rates, career outcomes, and any concerns you may have. Understanding available programs’ characteristics, compensation, and benefits will help determine where you will best succeed.


Why Choose NYS Apprenticeship Programs

New York State has a strong manufacturing economy with a robust labor market that offers apprenticeships in an extensive range of manufacturing specialties. New York’s high-quality programs ensure a partnership with the manufacturers, the Department of Labor, and the federal government. Many NYS apprenticeship programs are accredited by industry associations, which enhances your career path.

The Manufacturers Alliance can connect you with a partner in your region, with eight particular regions represented:

Central New York – MACNY The Manufacturers Association 
Capital Region – Center for Economic Growth (CEG)
Southern Tier – Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier (MAST)
Buffalo – Buffalo Niagara Manufacturing Alliance (BNMA)
Rochester – Rochester Technology and Manufacturing Association (RTMA)
Hudson Valley – The Council of Industry (CI)
Long Island – Ignite LI The Manufacturing Consortium of Long Island
Brooklyn – Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce


Step 3: The Application

Applying and Getting Accepted 

Acceptance to a chosen apprenticeship program is simple, with the help of The Manufacturers Alliance. After selecting the vocational training apprenticeship program, The Manufacturing Alliance will help you complete the enrollment steps: filling out the application and providing any supporting documents. Program coordinators thoroughly review your submission for additional specific requirements and enrollment starts. The start of your apprenticeship journey is approaching.


Step 4: The Dedication

Making My Apprenticeship Journey Successful

Being proactive in your job training and showing dedication is an opportunity to make it successful. Asking questions, taking the initiative to learn, and volunteering for tasks that align with the apprenticeship enhance your success. 

Embrace the apprenticeship as a learning experience by taking advantage of training sessions, on-hands learning, and building relationships with mentors and fellow apprentices.  

While in an apprenticeship, develop career skills such as effective communication, time management, problem-solving, taking initiative, and staying positive. Reflect on your experience, and seek feedback, show that you can handle challenges and unexpected situations. Record your progress, successes, and things you could use further training development on. 


Step 5: The Maximization

High Earning Potential and A Debt-Free Future

Using an apprenticeship as a stepping stone to a high-wage career and financial stability requires dedication and skill development. Partnering with The Manufacturers Alliance can help you take the first step toward that stone, with help starting a debt-free apprenticeship. 

Selecting the right vocational training apprenticeship program, committing yourself to maximizing the program’s potential through dedication and personal development, and continuously learning will ensure you have future financial success and a career you love.

Start your apprenticeship journey today!