MACNY and The Manufacturers Alliance Intermediary Apprenticeship Program

MACNY currently sponsors seven of the most desired trades in Central New York. We work closely with the New York State Department of Labor in order to place skilled apprentices with small and medium businesses. Doing so helps bolster the manufacturing industry, which is currently experiencing a skills gap that, if it is continued to be ignored, can lead to over 2 million jobs going unfulfilled in the next 10 years. 

Twenty-first century apprenticeships are a powerful solution to equip highly trained workers with the skills they need to contribute to an employer’s success and the economy as a whole. 

Companies that use apprenticeship in a variety of industries report higher productivity, higher retention rates, and a substantial return on investment. 

Why Participate?

This program not only gives young people an opportunity to get involved in the manufacturing industry, but also provides local companies with hardworking individuals who are willing to learn.

The average age of a skilled worker in the United States is 56 years old. If the manufacturing industry continues to ignore this fact, over 2 million jobs will go unfulfilled in the next 10 years.

The Manufacturers Alliance aims to avoid that dilemma and keep the manufacturing industry as strong as ever through apprenticeships.

5 Components

Business Involvement - Apprentices are eager to learn, but it all starts with the employer.

On-The-Job Training - Apprentices will learn necessary skills from an experienced mentor.

Related Instruction - Technical education comes from our partnerships with local community colleges, OEM providers & more.

Rewards for Skills Gains - Like any other job, as apprentices improve their skills, so does their pay.

National Occupational Credential - Apprentices receive a nationally recognized credential, known as the journeyman qualification.

Fast Facts

- Apprenticeships reduce turnover rate by increasing employee retention

- Manufacturing accounts for 9% of all U.S. employees

- Average wage (including benefits) is $81,289 (Make bold or blue)

- Manufacturers have hired 800,000 workers since 2010 with continued growth

- For every $1 spent in manufacturing, $1.81 is added to the U.S. economy

Partner with experts in Apprenticeship. We are here to help you!

Martha Ponge

Director of Apprenticeship

Meghan McBennett

Business Outreach Coordinator