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Grow the manufacturing industry by supporting Registered Apprenticeship programs

Manufacturing Intermediary Apprenticeship Program (MIAP) makes it easy for companies to join as partners to help find candidates, identify training and education mentors, provide Related Technical Instruction (RTI), develop curriculum, and more. 

Why Hire a Registered Apprentice?

  • Industries need a more robust talent pipeline because the manufacturing industry accounts for 10% of the U.S. economy.
  • MIAP is a business-led approach targeted at raising the skill levels of manufacturing workers and creating distinctive career pathways, while filling a crucial need within the industry.
  • Through on-the-job training employers are provided with the structure necessary to attract candidates from all education and experience levels.

Educational Partners

  • Registered Apprentices are required to complete a minimum of 144 hours of related technical instruction per year. The Alliance Partners coordinate the collaboration of education partners with businesses to develop the specific curriculum based on the NYSDOL standards for the trade.
  • Employers have discussed the necessity to have access to multiple related instruction providers that accommodate the many rotating shifts of their apprentices. This is done through a combination of hands-on training, online education, and traditional classroom learning.

Return on Investment

  • 27% return on investment dollars.
  • National investment in direct apprentice support for related technical instruction.
  • State tax credits.
  • Federal incentive programs.
  • For employers, Registered Apprenticeship is a solution to the shrinking candidate pool.
  • Apprentices are employees that a company invests in from day one.  With that comes greater employee retention, with over 80% of apprentices remaining with the company 5 years after program completion.

Benefits of Choosing a NYS Registered Apprenticeship Program

  • Facilitate recruitment
  • Employee upskilling
  • Worker retention
  • Connect with industry partners
  • Link with the NYSDOL
  • Qualifies training needs
  • Assesses workforce trends
  • Designs apprenticeship opportunities for industry specific requirements
  • 8 Unique economic regions
  • 7 Manufacturing associations working on behalf of manufacturing success
  • Support of on the job training 
  • Support of related technical instruction (RTI)

Apprenticeship by the Numbers

Participating manufacturers and businesses
Unique trades represented by MIAP
manufacturing employees in New York
Active apprentices in NYS

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