The Manufacturers Association's
Pre-Apprenticeship Program for Youth:

For Employers

The Youth Apprenticeship Program develops the pipeline for the next generation of advanced manufacturing professionals while they are still in high school. Through classroom and on-the-job training, the Pre-Apprenticeship Program for Youth creates young, skilled workers as you grow your workforce and replace your retiring subject matter experts.

Why Should My Company Participate?

  • Connect with the future workforce before students graduate.
  • See if a student is a good fit for your company.
  • Showcase the industry to students who are unfamiliar with manufacturing.

What Are the Requirements to Participate?

  • Your company is in Cayuga, Oswego, or Onondaga county.
  • You are excited to share your passion for manufacturing and technology with students.
  • You can host a student for a job shadow (4-20 hours in total).
  • You can participate in online student interviews.
  • You might offer students part-time employment and/or internships.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

While we certainly hope these students end up in Registered Apprenticeships when they graduate, it is NOT a requirement for participating employers. The main goal is for students to gain some knowledge of what it is like to work in advanced manufacturing before they have made solid post-secondary plans.

It is up to you. We encourage companies to host as many students as possible. However, part of this is determined by the number of students that apply to the program and how their interests intersect with employers’ opportunities. There are no obligations; even if you participate in Interviewing Day, you are not obligated to take any of the candidates if they do not meet your expectations.

Registered Apprenticeship is a formal training relationship governed by Department of Labor (DOL) standards between the employer and employee that leads to a professional, skilled worker with a Journey Worker certification. If it is not registered, it’s just training.

There are two components: on-the-job training (OJT) and related technical instruction (RTI, classroom instruction). NYS requires an apprentice to be 18 years old. The MACNY Youth Apprenticeship Program allows students to potentially receive credit towards the OJT and/or RTI before becoming an apprentice. It enables them to complete the program earlier.

Students will shadow between 4-20 hours during the spring 2023 semester. The hours and times are handled by the employer and student. Shadows take place during school breaks, weekends, during school hours. It depends on the individual situation.

“Restricted Occupations” are specified by NYS Labor Laws. There is an exception for student learners enrolled in recognized vocational traning programs (think BOCES, Career & Technical Eucation programs, P-TECH). We advise you to consult with your liability insurance carrier to ensure that you comply with your own safety rules and regulations. BOCES, for example, provides its own liability insurance for their interns working on-site at manufacturers’ facilities. Job shadow candidates will not perform any work and will be covered by your general liability insurance for visitors and/or vendors.

      • Now – March 15th, 2023 – Students submit applications
      • January – March 2023 – Program outreach to schools
      • March 15th – April 2023 – Student interviews with MACNY
      • April 2023 – Zoom interviews with employers/students
      • May 2023 – Students notified of match and “signing day”
      • Summer or Fall 2023 – Students complete job shadowing; students in prior cohort intern or work part-time, depending on opportunities available with company

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