Bridging the Skills Gap in Your Business

The RTMA is positioned as a coordinator and provider of resources through academic partners, to address and improve manufacturing objectives. We recognize that technology intensive and dynamic advanced manufacturers require highly skilled workers to perform at leading-edge levels and compete globally. In order to facilitate the development of skilled workers, the RTMA provides the following benefits:

– Instruction through Tooling University at no cost to the member.

– The RTMA provides an Employee Placement Service in order to assist its members in acquiring qualified skilled employees.

– Subsidized MasterCam Training is provided through Optipro Systems, a certified reseller and training facility for Mastercam, the world’s most popular CAD/CAM Software.

Skills Gap

Labor market and workforce intelligence sources tell us that the supply of workers being created through the Rochester areas education system is not enough to meet the labor demand for occupations within the framework of advanced manufacturing. This problem is made worse by the fact that there is an attrition rate caused by retirements, further leaving gaps in the manufacturing labor force. To address this shortage, the RTMA has launched the Intermediary Apprenticeship Program.


The RTMA makes participating in this program easy. How so? The RTMA acts as the intermediary between companies and the NYSDOL. All formal registration documentation and the coordination of related instruction is handled by the Apprenticeship Coordinator at RTMA. Workforce agencies and community colleges can also tap the works of
their partners in WNY to build on successes.

Related Instruction

The related instructions to the trades, in which apprentices are participating will range from 3-5 hours per week. The instruction will be provided by Monroe Community Colleges, Tooling U, and other advanced technical institutions. The RTMA Apprenticeship Coordinator will cut any red tape, and coordinate all the related instruction for you, the manufacturer employer. We will coordinate all of the related instruction for you.

For more information, please contact John Troy from RTMA

John Troy

Apprenticeship Coordinator