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Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with related instruction on the technical and academic competencies that apply to a particular trade. Apprentices are required to complete a minimum of 144 hours of Related Technical Instruction per year. Education partners collaborate with businesses to develop the specific curriculum based on the NYSDOL standards for the trade. The related instruction may be provided by community colleges, technical schools, OEM providers, or by the business itself. It can be delivered at a school, online, or at the job site. For information regarding specific providers, please contact the NYSMIAP Apprenticeship Coordinator in your region.

Utilizing Traditional Technical Training Facilities

The NYS Department of Labor has worked with most traditional training facilities at one time or another across the state. As such, SUNY and the Community College System, BOCES, and many accredited technical training facilities have classes in place that support the Advanced Manufacturing trades.

Our regional partners have worked closely with their local community colleges to align the Appendix B requirements with existing credit and non-credit offerings. If an apprentice is interested in completing a terminal degree, we can help coordinate the classes so that the apprentice can complete a majority of the requirements while finishing their apprenticeship.

3-credit hour college classes equate to 72 hours of related technical instruction. All other classes are counted on an hour for hour basis.

Utilizing Online Learning

NYSMIAP has partnered with SME ToolingU to provide online learning opportunities for our apprentices. ToolingU’s catalog of classes cover over 500 distinct titles mapped to specific competencies for numerous advanced manufacturing trades. The courses, designed by subject matter experts in both instructional design and manufacturing, provide training classes appropriate for apprentice through journey level workers. The online classes captivate learners with engaging interactive lessons, which can be delivered in both Spanish and English.

- Classes can be customized for specific apprentice or company requirements.

- 1-hour long ToolingU classes equate to 1 ½ hours of related technical instruction.

- ToolingU is an approved provider of Related Technical Instruction in NYS for all MIAP sponsored trades.

Utilizing Other Training Providers

Often, employers will utilize Original Equipment Vendors or other nontraditional trainers to provide training for their employees. Related Instruction for apprentices can be provided by external resources.

We will help you work with the NYS Department of Education to ensure this outside training can be approved toward the yearly minimum. MIAP Coordinators can also help identify some of these more non-traditional trainings and coordinate the delivery. Especially, when offering the training for a single company may be cost prohibitive, they can often offer classes for several companies onsite to help mitigate the costs.

Questions regarding Related Instruction? Contact Martha or Meghan!

Martha Ponge

Director of Apprenticeship


Meghan McBennett

Business Outreach Coordinator