Useful Information For Aspiring Apprentices

The Manufacturers Alliance Intermediary Apprenticeship Program exists to help aspiring apprentices join the workforce with appropriate skills and experience. Our goal is to improve the manufacturing workforce by driving young, determined individuals down a path to success.

Our program provides both hands-on training, as well as traditional classroom learning for many occupations across the manufacturing industry. Apprentices receive rewards for skill gains, meaning they earn more money as they continue to advance in their field of choice.

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Why Become An Apprentice?

Studies have shown that apprentices are more qualified and job-ready than fellow job seekers. Apprentices have the ability to choose a field or industry that they are genuinely interested in, which leads to higher job satisfaction and higher employee retention. Completing an apprenticeship puts you on the right path to future success.

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Training and Education

As an apprentice, you'll receive all the necessary training and education you need to succeed. We partner with technical schools, community colleges, training institutions, and more to ensure you are ready to contribute to the manufacturing workforce. Through government and education grants, this education and training comes at an extremely low cost - sometimes even free!

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Financial Goals

With college costs continuing to increase every year, an apprenticeship is a smart alternative. Rather than spending four years racking up debt through expensive loans, you can make money while receiving a quality education and training needed for your career. The average wage of a skilled worker in New York State is $81,289. An apprenticeship can guide you to that salary.

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If you'd like to learn more abour our Apprenticeship Program, please reach out to Martha or Meghan!

Martha Ponge

Director of Apprenticeship


Meghan McBennett

Business Outreach Coordinator