Description of Trades

One of our goals here at the Manufacturers Alliance Intermediary Apprenticeship Program is to set people up for success. A way to do that is to place apprentices in environments that they’ll thrive in and enjoy.

Below, you’ll find descriptions of some of the trades we offer. 

CNC Machinist

A CNC machinist sets up, programs, and operates a computer numerical control (CNC) machine. The person in this role must also maintain quality and safety regulations through record keeping, maintain CNC equipment, and managed the required supplies.


Toolmakers work with computer controlled machinery to produce tools. This includes designing, cutting, shaping, and finishing metal and diecasts.


Welders produce metal products through the use of welders, cutters, shapers, and more. A person in this role must meet strict customer specifications during fabrication and assembly.

Electronics Technician

Electronics Technicians are responsible for servicing manufacturing and industrial equipment through general maintenance, repairs, inspections, and more. Someone in this role should expect to work in factories, warehouses, and other manufacturing environments.

Maintenance Mechanic

Maintenance Mechanics oversee the performance of large production machines in factories. Someone in this role should also expect to schedule maintenance, repairs, and more as needed.

Quality Assurance Auditor

A Quality Assurance Auditor works with a company's internal quality control team to regularly assess and test machines, quality control systems, equipment, and more to bring safety and productivity to a facility.

Electro-Mechanical Technician

An Electro-Mechanical Technician is the main point of contact for all electro-mechanical equipment. This role includes operating, testing, maintaining, repairing, and calibrating automated equipment in an industrial setting.

Industrial Manufacturing Technician (IMT)

Industrial Manufacturing Technicians are responsible for manufacturing products with industrial machinery and equipment. This person also records any equipment issues, productivity levels, standard safety procedures, and more.

Is your company looking for additional trades? Contact us today and we'll be glad to discuss any opportunity!